Charity Brings United Hurricane Relief to Louisiana

LOUISIANA — Thanks to the quick response of their many ministry partners and the local church Christian charity Somebody Cares has been providing urgent relief supplies to those impacted by hurricane Laura in Sulphur, Louisiana.

They have been distributing much needed meals and other items to residents and first responders who are not only dealing with the loss of homes and other property, but also with a high heat index, no electricity, and, in some places, no water.

Just 24 hours after hurricane Laura passed through the town of Sulphur in Louisiana Christian charity Somebody Cares was on the ground working alongside local churches to serve those impacted by this disaster.

In the first four days of relief over 4,000 hot meals were served to residents dealing with the loss of their homes as well as first responders

Somebody Cares Founder and President is Doug Stringer:

“We’re at the Celebration Worship Centre in Sulphur, Louisiana and we’ve got some staging areas and places we’re looking at for points of distribution throughout Lake Charles, this area and other areas that got hit by hurricane Laura. And right away as always organisations and partners that have been great ministry relief partners like Mid West Food Bank from Illinois contacted us and immediately turned around and got a truck load of cleaning supplies, powerade, other items that are necessary and brought it down here immediately. And we said could you bring it to the Celebration Worship Centre in Sulphur, Louisiana. When people work together we’ve able to facilitate resources to help the greatest place of need.”

Bob Ball from Holy Smoke Grill shares what motivated him to get involved in helping those devastated by the hurricane:

“We have compassion by the grace of God to love on folks in our community that are food insecure and vulnerable day in day out. But when crisis like this hits and a storm comes rolling in and stuff happens we just want to do whatever to come and join hands together to make a difference reaching out with the heart of God. We love what we do and so whatever we can do to come and make a difference, that’s why we’re hear.”

And Doug Stringer concluded by sharing why they believe it’s so important to work alongside local churches in times of crisis.

“I’m talking about the church that really cares about bringing the presence of God outside the walls and that’s what we’re doing right here at the Celebration Worship Centre.”

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