Chiapas: Training Journalists and Leaders on Religious Freedom

CHIAPAS, MEXICO — In the Heart of Chiapas, a Pioneering Seminar Gathers Journalists and Evangelical Leaders to Address One of the Most Relevant Topics in Today’s Mexico: Religious Freedom

San Cristóbal de las Casas was the venue for the seminar “The Reality of Religious Freedom in Mexico, Religious Discrimination, and the Challenges of Objective Communication.” The event, organized by CSW and Impulso 18, brought together journalists and evangelical leaders.

Dr. Pedro Pablo Pérez, Director of Religious Affairs in Chiapas, offered a presentation in which he discussed how the administration he represents works in this area, and shared details about the National Project for the Promotion of Religious Tolerance.

Dr. Pedro Pablo PérezDirector of Religious Affairs in Chiapas:

“We focus mainly on training public officials and community authorities on respect for religious freedom, harmonious coexistence, and a culture of peace. Above all, because we understand that we cannot move towards a state that respects religious diversity if we do not communicate the essential part, such as making the regulations known, making human rights known, and above all, encouraging them to behave correctly in society.”

During the two sessions of the seminar, testimonies were presented on cases of harassment, persecution, and exile of evangelicals in indigenous communities.

In an interview, Master Pablo Vargas, Director of the CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) in Mexico, addressed the main challenges of religious diversity in the country.

Pablo VargasChristian Solidarity Worldwide:

“The depth of the conflict has a lot to do with something cultural. It is a cultural perspective where the majority religion believes they have the right to oblige those who do not belong to their majority to align with this. Therefore, they see any type of religion or activity that goes against their way of thinking as an attack.”

The seminar represented a space for reflection and constructive dialogue in which the participants were sensitized to the importance of promoting religious freedom and respect for diversity of beliefs in Mexico.

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