Child Poverty Rate Expected to Rise After Brexit


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When Brexit happens, about 30% of children will be living in poverty, because of welfare cuts.

Per CNN, “The number of children living in poverty in the U.K. will spike to around 30% over the next five years because of government welfare cuts, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.”

This will be the worst economic slowdown in Britain, where millions of children will be thrust into poverty.

The Mirror states, “The worst income slowdown in 60 years will ­increase child poverty by 1.2 million to 5.1 million in the seven years up to 2022.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies the average household incomes will be lower in 2021-22. It also means that both those who have children and don’t have children will be worse than otherwise.

The Guardian reports, “The IFS calculated that average household incomes will be 18% lower in 2021-22 than could have been reasonably expected in 2007-08, before the global financial crisis took hold of the economy. It means a childless couple would be about £5,900 a year worse off than they might otherwise have been, rising to £8,300 for a couple with two young children.”

The growth in average incomes will remain the same with inflation. It will pick up in two years.

Per CNN, “‘There’s more bad news: IFS found that growth in average incomes will be close to zero — once inflation is taken into account — over the next two years, before picking up. IFS described the growth as ‘very slow’ by historical standards.’”

Prime Minister May promised the government would help those who are hardest hit by Brexit. The IFS says that despite this promise, poor families with children will be those impacted the most.

The Mirror reports, “The IFS says poor families with children will be the hardest hit despite Theresa May’s promise to help the just about managing.”

The government has been responding to the IFS report been providing tax cuts to those who work.

The Guardian explains, “‘Responding to the IFS report, a spokesperson for the Treasury said: “We are taking action to support families with the costs of living by cutting taxes for millions of working people, doubling free childcare for nearly 400,000 working parents and introducing the ‘national living wage’ – a significant pay rise for the lowest earners.’”

ABWE works in England to combat the growing secularization by sharing Christ’s hope to the people of England.

ABWE states, “Through restoration work, ABWE has seen several churches reclaim a vibrant testimony for the Gospel. We have also seen these churches reproduce themselves through planting new churches.”

Please pray for the church to stand up during this time to help the poor. Pray for more people to be open to Christ’s hope during this time of uncertainty in England. Pray the government to have wisdom during this coming months.

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