Children Refugees Transferred from Calais to United Kingdom


Photo by James Gordon

Last October, Calais in France, a refugee camp started transferring children from ages 14 to 17. There was some dispute over the ages of these supposed children.

The Telegraph reports, “The Home Office insisted it had ‘verified’ the ages of all the refugees and that all of those who were brought to the UK were aged between 14 and 17.”

Yet, the refugees didn’t look like they were in that age range. They looked like they were adults trying to pose as children to get into the UK. explains, “Concerns were raised about the possibility of migrant trying to ‘deceive’ authorities after pictures of the group arriving on Monday showed many looked older than 17.”

The plan was to transfer up to 200 children into the UK who had been approved by the Red Cross.

CNN states, “They are the second group of a planned transfer of up to 200 youngsters stuck in the camp who have been identified by the Red Cross as eligible to go to Britain.”

The Home Office is supposed to screen the children to make sure they aren’t adults based on their physical appearance.

Per the Telegraph, “Home office documents show that if a refugee does not have a birth certificate, a Home Office screening office can certify them as a child based on their ‘physical appearance’ or ‘demeanour.’”

Authorities who were questioning the age of the refugees demanded the Home Office do its job and perform dental checks. The Home Office called the practice unethical.

Daily Mail reports, “But the Home Office ruled out calls for dental checks to verify their age because the tests are deemed ‘inaccurate, inappropriate and unethical.’”

Last March, the UK’s House of Lords voted to allow 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees into the country.

CNN states, “In March, the UK’s upper legislative body, the House of Lords, voted against the government and backed an amendment to the 2016 Immigration Act by the Labour peer Lord Dubs to allow 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees into the country.”

Refugee Action works in the United Kingdom to welcome refugees and to help them adjust to the new culture. There are many ways other people can get involve with helping Refugee Action reach out to the refugees coming from different war-torn nations.

The best way to welcome refugees per Refugee Action is to, “Is your community welcoming refugees? Read our guide to making newcomers feel welcomed and safe in your town, or join a City of Sanctuary group in your area.”

Please pray for the refugees, that they would come to know Christ’s hope through the service of many organizations who serve them.

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