Chinese Central Government Orders Arrest of Pastors and Destruction of Churches


China’s President Xi Jinping has ramped up the persecution of Christian pastors and lay leaders while removing crosses and even destroying church buildings that the state had sanctioned. Pastor Joseph Gu Yuese from the Zhejiang province was leading a 10,000 member state-approved church when the government recently jailed him on embezzlement charges. The pastor had protested the Communist government’s removal of church crosses.

A Pastor Has Been Released

Pastor Huang Yizi, from the eastern province of Zhejiang, was the first person jailed for opposing the intense campaign carried out by the government in Zhejiang province to remove crosses from churches. On February 10, Human rights organization China Aid received confirmation that Huang had been freed, just under five months after his arrest.

Gospel Herald shared that Bob Fu, founder and president of China Aid, told Christian Today that the pastor looks “pale and thin”, and that Huang has said he was under huge pressure and threat before his release.

Observers say the Christian church in China, which the central government perceives as a threat, will be the world’s largest by 2030.

Pray for Pastor Joseph Gu Yuese and other persecuted Chinese Christians as the Communist government scrambles to snuff out church growth.

Pray that more pastors would be released in the coming days and months.

Pray for the ongoing work of China Aid and that they would receive favor.


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