Ministry Celebrates 50 Years with 50 Evangelistic Campaigns

AFRICA — The year 2024 is historic for the ministry Christ for All Nations, as it marks 50 years since the ministry’s inception. Founded by the late evangelist Reinhard Bonnke and now led by Daniel Kolenda, (CfaN for its acronym in English) has an astounding track record in mass evangelism campaigns, particularly in the African continent.

The ministry Christ for All Nations (or CFAN) has initiated a historic series of 50 evangelistic campaigns across the African continent, from Cape Town, South Africa, to Cairo, Egypt. This initiative, led by evangelist Daniel Kolenda, coincides with the 50th anniversary of the ministry.

CFAN has just surpassed 90 million recorded decisions for Jesus Christ. Each of these new believers is connected to a new church for discipleship. Hidekel Griffin, in charge of CFAN Latino, explains how they follow up with the new believers in Jesus.

Hidekel GriffinCFAN Spanish:

“Personally, I have seen with my own eyes how pastors work diligently. When they receive information about people, they call them, contact them, and that’s how we work in communities with pastors seeking unity in the body of Christ.”

Griffin also commented on the work the ministry is doing in Latin America.


“CFAN Latino is mobilizing in a very special way. I witnessed in Ecuador how the team conducted campaigns and was impressed when pastors said, ‘It’s amazing how pastors from other countries come to tell us that the gospel must be preached,’ and they took the initiative to preach the Gospel. We started with one and they did fifteen more.”

By the end of the year, CFAN will have held crusades in South, East, West, and North Africa, including areas previously unreached by the organization. Hidekel Griffin is excited to share how she has witnessed God’s move during these campaigns.


“I have seen many miracles and wonders. People who couldn’t walk, I have seen them walking with my own eyes. Paralyzed individuals I have seen walking with my own eyes. Children diagnosed with mental problems or mobility issues I have seen moving. I have seen the glory of God, but it all starts by fulfilling God’s desire, saying ‘Here I am, Lord, send me.’”

This response is part of the ministry’s goal to see a total of 150 million people saved during what they call “A Decade of Double Harvest.”

About Christ For All Nations

Christ for all Nations (CfaN) is the global evangelistic ministry of Daniel Kolenda. Founded by Reinhard Bonnke in 1974, CfaN conducts large-scale evangelistic campaigns worldwide, focusing on Africa, bringing the Gospel message, and leading people to Christ. The organization’s mission is to spread the message of salvation, equip local churches, and empower leaders to continue the work of evangelism and discipleship in their communities.

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