Christian Educators Gather in Kenya

Christians educators from across Sub Sahara Africa gathered last month in Nairobi in Kenya to exchange ideas and resources to help them better serve children in their communities.

NAIROBI, KENYA —Organized by Christian children’s charity CRY the aim is to bring together local and native Christian African educators who have the best understanding of what young people need to further their lives and escape poverty.

Christian children’s charity CRY recently hosted an educational forum for African educators in Nairobi in Kenya, which was led completely by local and native African leaders or long-term overseas workers.

CRY’s partners shared their expertise in different areas including microfinance, orphanages and schools and street children ministries. These leaders shared the importance of this vital gathering.

Woman 1:

It’s a platform to share ideas and to network.

Woman 2:

I think it’s good for African leaders, especially in the education space, to attend this forum so that they can share their experiences, they learn from one another as they grow together.

Man 1:

And also look at real life stories that can create impact in the community we come from and share ideas on how we can intervene and change the communities.

Man 2:

The importance of African leaders to meet is to exchange ideas. What you know, what I know. We just exchange and then we move forward together.

Man 3:

Forums like this exposes you to a lot of initiatives and ideas that you might be able to learn and take home with you. So that’s why it’s important for African leaders to come together where we’re able to rub our minds together and then we’re able to come up with fantastic ideas.

And Christ says this approach of gathering local educators ensures a grassroots understanding of the nation’s dynamics, cultures, and the needs of the children in these communities.

About Care and Relief for the Young

CRY (Care and Relief for the Young) is a Christian children’s charity that aims to help all children and young people fulfill their God-given potential. The organization operates in over 30 nations to meet the practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized children. They work to ensure that these children grow up in safety and with the support and resources they need to survive and thrive. CRY achieves this through partnerships with local NGO or church partners, working together to meet the needs of vulnerable children and young people, regardless of what those needs may be.

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Source: Global News Alliance, Christian Educators Gather in Kenya

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