Christian Entrepreneurs Meeting in Romania

ROMANIA – A Christian Entrepreneurs meeting was organized recently in Romania with the aim of building a community that would promote Christian values in this area of the society. The guests said that obtaining resources by developing businesses is part of God’s plan for supporting those in need.

Corneliu Niste, Good Bureau, organizer, Bucharest city:

This event motivated me when I saw God’s amazing power unfolding as we got together and shared our common visions.

Paraschiva Bloju, Timisoara city:

The end goal is investing in people and transforming their lives through God, answering His calling so that the lives of those around us would be completely changed.

Participants had the chance to meet entrepreneurs who have built healthy businesses and also to understand there are people who had a strong impact on those around.

Ghiță Ignat, businessman, Suceava city:

Through the businesses I’ve received from God I understood the need of doing something for the community, especially in bringing people the good news of a life changed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Together with my partner Puiu, who is also present here, we are trying to influence others through what God did in our lives. What we do is we hire formerly incarcerated people.

Participants admitted similar events are important both on an individual and on a national level.

Marilena Nicula, parliamentary counsel:

The exceptional speakers today demonstrated the importance of maintaining Christian unity in business relationships. We also understood God sees and blesses us when we’re honest and fair to everyone, putting them above ourselves. God blesses people around us and even the society we live in.

Cristian Ionescu, Bucharest:

Seek first the kingdom of God and the other things will be given to you as well. For businesspersons the message is this: what do you benefit if you gain the whole world, but lose your soul?

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