CLC Ministries: Providing the Word in Print from Arabic to Zulu

SHEFFIELD, UK – Christian Literature Crusade (CLC) Ministries is self-described as “an evangelical world missions’ organization with several unique differences.” Since its inception in 1941, its goal has been to serve the entire evangelical community, including established congregations and church planting ministries.

Christian Literature Crusade Ministries is self-described as “an evangelical world missions’ organization with several unique differences.”

Ken and Bessie Adams traveled throughout England, whether they visited homes or participated in tent revivals. To their dismay, they discovered that many of the people with whom they shared the Gospel had already been visited by others who had provided literature from leaflets to books espousing views opposed to the truth of God’s Word.

Ken Adams was shocked that Christians, including themselves, had not fully understood the need to put God’s Word and other Christian literature into the hands of those who desperately needed it. He was able to see through the eyes of faith what others had missed.

I cannot stand by and watch the spread of so much dangerous propaganda and not do something about spreading the truths of the Gospel.

Knowing that the call of God upon their lives was to “feed my sheep,” they established The Evangelical Publishing House in an upstairs rented room in the midst of World War II – a time when it seemed to be virtually impossible to start a publishing company due to wartime rationing of paper and ink.

The ministry from that small shop miraculously expanded to six centers across the country by the time the war ended. The ministry even included outreach to German POWs being held in England.

In the post-war era, The Evangelical Publishing House changed its name to the Christian Literature Crusade and grew into a global outreach that began with locations in Canada and Australia. By 1947, the organization had opened offices and bookstores in the U.S. and the island of Dominica. Subsequently, new publishing houses and bookstores were opened nearly every year.

In recent years, the ministry assumed its new name, CLC International. The ministry now operates in 47 different countries, employing some 700 people, more than 90% of whom are national workers serving in their own countries. CLC’s work included establishing literature publication and distribution outlets that serve the entire evangelical community.

CLC publishes books in 24 different languages and prints them in 18 different countries. In addition, CLC warehouses stock Bibles and Christian literature in more than 80 different languages, from Arabic to Zulu.

The group is currently establishing highly-focused ministries to international students in the United States and supporting churches that are reaching out to the refugee caravans at the U.S. southern border.

The purpose of CLC is to make evangelical Christian literature available to all nations so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For that reason, CLC strives to publish the best of classic works by the likes of Watchman Nee, Roy Hession, and Oswald Chambers and current works by authors such as Warren Wiersbe, Stuart Briscoe, Charles Stanley, and Max Lucado.

CLC Ministries continues to abide by Ken Adams’ position,

to be uncompromisingly evangelical so that purchasers feel quite sure that all they see and buy will build up readers or point the unconverted to the Savior. Each book center should be first and foremost a spiritual powerhouse – workers out to win souls and help fellow Christians, this being more important than the sale of books.

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