Christian and Missionary Alliance Impacts the World for Jesus

COLORADO SPRINGS – The Board of the Christian and Missionary Alliance recently published its 2018 Impact Report. The Alliance, founded over 130 years ago by A.B. Simpson, continues to express the love of Jesus Christ by sharing His Gospel with those who have yet to hear the Good News.

The Board of the Christian and Missionary Alliance recently published its 2018 Impact Report... detailing efforts on advancing the Gospel of Jesus.
An Alliance church in the Philippines

Dr. John Stumbo, C&MA President describes the Alliance as “one of the end-times families God has raised up to complete His Great Commission. We offer humanity’s single most needed resource – the love of Jesus – as we work together to create gospel access among the least-reached peoples in our neighborhoods and the nations.”

The Alliance World Fellowship is an association of 60 autonomous national church networks with more than six million adherents in 23,000 churches in 81 different countries.

In addition to its work in the United States, the Alliance shared highlights of how it is impacting the world for Jesus throughout multiple regions around the globe, including Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North & Central Asia.

An Alliance team in East Asia has received permission to begin the application process to have greater access to an unreached group of people they have prayed over for more than a century.

An Alliance church in the Ukraine has planted two new evangelical, missions-minded churches near Kiev after only two years of existence itself.

An Alliance team has planted a church in Montevideo, the most secular city in South America and the capital of Uruguay. Only 13% of Uruguayans attend churches of any kind.

An Alliance team has established an Urban Ministry Training Center to reach the 80,000 young adults who are moving to Phnom Penh, Cambodia every year seeking a better life. The two-year, full-time residential school disciples and equips young Cambodians to plant house churches throughout the city.

An Alliance team has worked within a community that was entirely Muslim a decade ago. The team has helped believers from Muslim background establish two churches from which to spread the Gospel in North Africa.

An Alliance team has completed four years of teaching leaders from a previously unreached group in West Africa. Those native believers have now been commissioned to carry the Gospel to several other locations where North Americans cannot go due to security reasons.

An Alliance team has developed and begun to implement a plan to reach displaced Muslims across Europe by training leaders and mobilizing local evangelical churches to engage their Muslim neighbors.

An Alliance team planted two churches in Spain in 2003. As of this Impact Report, the two have grown into 20 and the Alliance modular theological training program has graduated its first class.

Readers may access the full 2018 Impact Report via this link.

Dr. Stumbo clarified the commitment of The Alliance in the Impact Report, saying,

Anything the Alliance does that doesn’t directly aid in the advancing of the gospel and the building of Christ’s Church must be questioned or replaced. Meanwhile, anything we do to forward Christ’s work must be pursued and resourced.

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Sources: Christian and Missionary Alliance 2018 Impact Report

Image Source: Judgefloro [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

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