Christians Sing a Message of Peace and Hope in Iraq

PLAINS OF NINEVEH, IRAQ — Melody is a group of young Christians in Iraq who praise God and, through their music, share the message of the Gospel with those who do not know Christ.

However, their lives have not been easy: nine years ago, they had to flee from their homes due to the advance of ISIS. Now they sing from the square of a church that was used by the radicals as a shooting range.

In the square of a church that was used as a shooting range, a group of believers praise and glorify God.

SamMelody Band:

Through music we felt alive again. At the beginning we were idle, with nothing to do. So we tried to revive ourselves and others with music.

EvaMelody Band:

I had a reason to join the band Melody, to have more confidence in myself and to show that a woman can also get on stage to act. Melody gave me the confidence necessary to be able to do this interview and helped me to demonstrate that anyone with determination and courage can achieve their goals.

FaridMelody Band:

As a Christian, what motivates me is to be able to stay here, to remain in the land of our ancestors and the one that will be for our children. I love music and I see that it is a great way to convey our message to the world. It allows us to make them understand that we will remain on this earth as professional musicians, that we are, on our land, we have to preserve it. We must offer the world a beautiful image of it through the work and music we do.

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