Christmas Gifts Bring Joy to East Ukraine’s War Zone

EAST UKRAINE — This Christmas as families in East Ukraine are impacted by the continued conflict with increasing military tensions on the border with Russia, Great Commission Media Ministries is continuing to bring hope to this troubled region through their Power to Change outreach campaign.

Their founder Hannu Hauka travelled to East Ukraine to help distribute vital Christmas gifts to the families and children in desperate need as well as to the soldiers on the frontlines.

While a major evangelistic media campaign continues to reach millions of homes in East Ukraine, Great Commission Media Ministries is also providing practical and spiritual support to those impacted by the tensions in the war zone.

As part of their Power to Change outreach they have also been distributing Christmas gifts to hundreds of children in this troubled region as their founder Hannu Hauka explains.

Hannu HaukaGreat Commission Media Ministries CEO and Founder:

Everyone received a beautiful box of chocolates which had the Christmas theme on the cover. And then we also distributed warm head gear, warm gloves and warm socks for every child that was there because they would not have the opportunity to go to a store and they were obviously very thankful. The kids danced and they sang. It was a wonderful atmosphere to be in that school.

Haukka says they were also able to distribute their Power to Change booklets to the soldiers on the frontlines.

Hannu Hauka:

They won’t allow you to photograph them but one of them did and he immediately took it and started to read it and you could see the smile on his face. He was very happy.

And the Power to Change campaign aims to impact many more lives across East Ukraine as it continues into the New Year.

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