Christmas Russia Outreach on Target to Reach 50,000 Children

RUSSIA — An annual event launched by Slavic Gospel Association in 2002 — is on target to distribute Christmas gifts, children’s Bibles, and personalized ornaments to 50,000 Children in Russia.

Despite lockdown restrictions SGA church partners are reaching out into hospital, orphanages and the homes of vulnerable children as part of their Immanuel’s Child outreach.

Slavic Gospel Association’s church partners are getting very close to their goal of distributing Christmas gifts, children’s Bibles, and personalized ornaments to 50,000 hurting children across the former Soviet Union as part of their latest Immanuel’s Child Outreach.

The charity’s Vice President is Eric Nook:

So the goal of 50,000 is actually a small goal because the need is so profound. And when they’re ministering to those kids, they’re all over the place – they’re in orphanages, they’re in cancer wards and hospitals. They’re in impoverished homes and in these communities and so these churches are very dynamic in reaching them. So the number may seem quite a bit higher than what we’ve done in the past. But all the evidence is that we’re even on track to exceed that number, so it’s very exciting.

About Slavic Gospel Association

Founded in 1934, Slavic Gospel Association (SGA, helps “forgotten” orphans, widows, and families in Russia, the former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel – caring for their physical needs and sharing the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ. SGA supports an extensive grassroots network of local evangelical missionary pastors and churches in cities and rural villages across this vast region.

CONTACT: Jamie Bowers, 704-426-2400,

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