Churches in Occupied Ukraine Face Increasing Persecution

UKRAINE — Hundreds of churches have been forced to close in the occupied territories of Ukraine by Russian troops and there are reports that at least 70 pastors have been killed.

In response Christian charity Mission Eurasia is providing support to the churches that have remained open in the region.

As the war in Ukraine continues on after more than two years, there are increasing concerns for the persecution of evangelical churches in the many occupied territories there. It’s reported hundreds of churches have been forced to close by Russian troops, and more than 70 church leaders have even been killed.

Sergey Rakhuba, president of Christian charity Mission Eurasia, says despite this persecution, many churches are staying faithful to remain there, and his ministry is finding creative ways to support them.

Sergey RakhubaMission Eurasia President:

You know, so they have families, you know, so they have churches, they have to pay bills at those churches, you know, so lots of people lost jobs there and so on. So we use all our creative ways, if you know what I mean, and we know the area and we’re so well connected. So in order not to expose, you know, so I’m just telling you, we have the way how to get support to those who are in need.

Rakhuba went on to explain more about their iCare ministry programme, which they’ve coordinated since the war broke out.


We have 12 refugee or iCare Ukraine assistance centres. And through those centres, working with local churches, with communities. We continue distributing food to all those who are most in need. We build ten bakeries, we call them the bakery of life. We provide free bread to all those who are in tremendous need for food.”

And as well as feeding people practically, Mission Eurasia is also feeding them spiritually through their Bible distributions.

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