Join CMM Global Missions Family Urgently Feeding Lockdown Members and Providing Wells in Many Nations — Two Urgent Needs

CHARLOTTE, NC — Christ’s Mandate for Missions, ( formerly Correll Missionary Ministries, and CMM College of Theology ( are expanding globally as more people are hearing about their unique style of ‘team ministry’ empowering many to discover their God given identities we each have in Christ as we go higher and deeper in intimacy.

CMM Global Missions bringing relief amid lockdownDuring COVID season Christ’s Mandate for Missions has sent thousands of dollars each month to literally save lives with urgent relief needs of food, water, medicines, oxygen tanks, medical care and more.

Here are two important, urgent requests for prayers and funds to help CMM’s trusted, embedded friends in the CMM Family in Africa, Asia and in the USA.

CMM is an interdenominational, Christ focused 501c3 founded in 1978 with global missionaries, students living and serving in 70 nations.

CMM is a network of friends working together while allowing autonomy, fostering authentic relationships, respect for cultural identity, with many streams, as a unique Christian, interdenominational family bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to earth.

  1. CMM Partners love how during COVID times the Lord has shown them that CMM knows ‘those who labor among us’ in many nations, having visited them face to face to establish the ‘good soil’ principle of wise stewardship and the importance of accountability, knowing their funds reach national, embedded pastors who are helping feed the poor, win souls to Jesus and disciple the saints according to Eph. 4:11-13. CMM has a budget of $150,000 for the next three months. Please pray. Pray and visit to learn more at:
  2. CMM’s Water For The Thirsty project has provided hundreds of wells in many nations in Africa and Asia over the last 20 years and currently have a long list of over 100 friends waiting for safe water wells. Some of the nations on the waitlist are: DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Nepal and Pakistan. To meet this need we have a budget of $125,000. Will you help us? No gift is too small or too large. Many individuals, home groups, churches and businesses pool their funds to make a real impact in this urgent effort to save lives. You can learn more about the global water crisis and support by going to and pooling believers’ resources to make a huge impact in transforming communities throughout the developing world from places of death and disease to places of life and hope.

CMM’s ministry integrates holistically the ‘GO’ mandate given by Jesus in both missions and school efforts in helping to fulfill the Great Commission and as the Apostle Paul wrote ‘to see everyone complete in Christ.’ Most of the CMM missionaries overseas are indigenous, who understand the local culture best for expanding the Kingdom culture into their native culture.

CMM is an ‘umbrella organization’ representing many ministers, ministries and organizations, both in ministry and in the marketplace, working to fulfill the Great Commission, offering spiritual covering and oversight along with ordaining pastors and leaders, handling donor relations, connecting like minded lovers of Jesus globally. CMM also works in the areas of disaster relief, chaplains’ training and ordination, orphan/widow care, Biblical justice and education.

CMM College of Theology offers affordable, Christian accredited degrees online globally in English and Spanish (based in Ecuador) and the growing Thailand school as well as in Canada. CMM is taking applications for the new school year starting soon. (visit Many of the students return year after year to further their studies as they enter it’s 15th year.

CMM Theology’s goal is for transformation through God encounters in study of His Word and multi-cultural immersion. This can be achieved through a flipped-hybrid-relational learning experience. Research shows that the best hybrid instruction allows the students to interact with content and engage in learning activities before, during, and after the face-to-face class.

The CCM program works great for working families in ministry or business, as well as experienced pastors who have attended traditional Bible Schools, who may have plateaued or seek a ‘fresh, second wind’ to finish strong. See the recent press release:

CMM is an oasis in a dry land of ‘churchianity and lukewarmness’ stifling the heart and the move of the Holy Spirit. CMM is thriving, allowing the Holy Spirit to connect and strengthen ‘organic and authentic’ relationships, free of control and manipulation found in building a ‘man’s kingdom’ instead of The Kingdom. Many are looking for authentic relationships seeking fresh, creative ways to serve the Lord as well as loving neighbors as ourselves. CMM give’s freedom to it’s diverse members to be themselves and escape ‘performance Christianity.’

CMM is known for innovation and collaborating in creative ways to bring positive, faith infused ideas that bear lasting fruit in helping end systemic poverty, transformative education, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, providing safe, clean water, community development, orphan/widow care, Biblical justice and more, with an emphasis and training on the prophetic (hearing from the Holy Spirit in every aspect of life.) (

CMM Oasis is a place for CMM Ordained pastors and leaders, both in ministry and secular assignments, to gather online and regionally regularly to encourage each other, leadership skills, share challenges, coordinate and help each other when possible, in a safe, trusted atmosphere needed by so many in leadership.

CONTACT: Jorge E Parrott, 704-225-3927,

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