Cyclone Roanu slams Bangladesh; 500,000 people flee

BangladeshCycloneCyclone Roanu recently swept across the Indian ocean and made landfall near Chittagong, Bangladesh, claiming 26 lives as it displaced 500,000 people.

The government ordered 2 million people to evacuate the coastal areas, which officials believe kept the death toll low. But many ignored the warning because the cyclone’s winds were only about 50 miles per hour and some residents did not perceive that to be a threat. Bangladesh’s low-lying areas are susceptible to flooding.

As the evacuees return to their villages and towns, they are finding their homes and shops destroyed. Christian Aid is preparing to offer assistance.

“Christian Aid will work alongside our experienced local partners here in Bangladesh to provide emergency relief in the coming days and weeks,” said Shakeb Nab, Christian Aid’s Country Manager for Bangladesh. “Meanwhile, the cyclone highlights why it’s so important to invest in helping poor communities reduce their vulnerability to hazards and crises.”

Pray for Bangladeshis as they recover from Cyclone Roanu and Christian Aid as they render assistance.

The article above is a simple summary of these news articles:

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