Cyclone Winston Claims 42 Lives in Fiji; Fears of Dengue Fever and Zika

cyclone damage

When Category Five Cyclone Winston struck the Fiji island of Yacata on Saturday, Feb. 20, with 185 mile-per-hour winds, this South Pacific nation of about 100 islands suffered widespread death and destruction, particularly in its remote areas. Christian aid organizations like Church of the Nazarene and regional governments are scrambling to provide food, water and medical assistance as residents fear the onset of mosquito-borne diseases.

“There are Fijians out there who are without water, without a roof over their heads, without food and without essential services.”

– Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama

Pray for the recovery of Fiji and its people as they rebuild their churches, businesses, homes and lives.

The article above is a simple summary of the following news articles:

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CNN: Fiji: Deaths from Cyclone Winston reach 42 as full scope of disaster unfolds

Church of the Nazarene: Cyclone Winston slams Fiji

New Zealand Herald: Cyclone Winston: Dead toll passes 40 as thousands abandon homes

Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC): Cyclone Winston: Fijians wait for help to arrive in devastated communities

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