Death Toll Continues to Rise in Nepal, Bangladesh & Northern India Floods

KATMANDU – As people in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu are facing a crisis of having no water, the people in Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Indian State of Bihar are begging for relief from raging floodwaters that have displaced ten of thousands.

People in Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Indian State of Bihar are begging for relief from raging floodwaters that have displaced tens of thousands.

The death toll keeps rising as new reports filter in. The number of dead, according to CNN, stood at 88 as of 11:42 AM EDT, July 15. Over the previous three days, the toll rose from 17 to 47 and then to 88. With more than 30 people missing in Nepal alone, the number of lives lost is expected to rise.

The flooding has impacted nearly 20 million people. Many have relocated to shelters in safer areas. Others are trapped in place on high ground but surrounded by floodwaters. Disaster relief teams have rescued more than 46,000 people. Their work goes on as the rains come down.

More than 1,800 villages in the state of Assam have already been swamped.

Many have died, not as a result of drowning, but from multiple massive landslides. BBC News added that 18 people had been killed in lightning strikes in Bangladesh.

An estimated 23 inches of rain has already fallen in parts of the affected area. Another average of two inches per day is expected over the next week.

The Himalayan Times reported several stories of the damage and death done by the landslides induced by the deluge as of July 12.

Padam Kumari Sunuwar, 70, was killed while feeding livestock when the cowshed caved in.

Jagat Bahadur Rai, 66, was buried alive after the wall of his house collapsed in Bashikhora of Ram Prasad Rai, in Bhojpur.

Janak BK, 14, was killed on the spot when a landslide buried the toilet he was in at Lekharka of Temkemaiyung Rural Municipality of Bhojpur, on Friday.

Three members of a family — Sharmila Yadav, 35, her son Kundan, 10, and sister-in-law Nitudevi, 30, who was pregnant — were killed on the spot in Mulpani of Kathmandu after a concrete wall collapsed and buried the hut they were living in.

A 60-year-old woman, Goma Dangal, and her granddaughter Suhabi, 7, were killed when a landslide buried their two-story thatched house.

Remember the families of these people, young and old, as you pray for relief. If you name them, you will better realize that they were real people just like you and me. As you do that, be sure to thank the Lord for His mercies toward us, new every day.

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