Medical Ministry in Ukraine’s Liberated Towns

KYIV, UKRAINE — Kyiv Jewish Messianic Congregation unceasingly continues to serve those in need during this difficult time. Jewish Medical Charitable HUB UA is our medical organization that is providing humanitarian dental services in Ukraine. We managed to help people from 10 liberated villages and cities in the Kyiv region, and it was succeeded with only two dentists among the volunteers.

Recently, we visited Borodyanka. This city suffered during the occupation more than any other in the region, people opened up to us about their horrifying experience. During the same mission trip, our volunteers purchased and donated medicines for patients of Borodyanka Psychoneurological Boarding Institution. We also shared a word of hope and prayed for people.

We are in Borodyanka. We’ve come here with our charitable mobile Dentistry unit and we’re so happy to help people in need, to provide dental treatment and Medicine during such difficult times and in this city. In particular, which as you can see, suffered from the occupation of Russian forces.

We provide help for everyone in need as much as possible. Our mobile Dental unit is really convenient. People can just come to us.

Borodyanka Neuropsychiatric boarding school and neurology clinic is so grateful to keep Jewish Messianic congregation finding time and funding to help us. Thank you for coming to visit us providing us with this aid in caring about our institution.

“They treated my tooth. I really needed that to be honest. They helped me so much,” said one woman who was came.

I believe that everyone has to look deep into their heart to help in such a meaningful way.

Everything’s going to be “Ukraine”.

About KJMC

Kiev Jewish Messianic Congregation (KJMC) was born shortly after first Festival of Jewish Music and Dance, organized by the mission “Hear, O Israel!” (Jonathan Bernis), which took place in Ukraine in 1994. Boris Grisenko has been the rabbi (pastor) of KJMC from the very beginning. Rabbi Boris was also the Vice Chairman of the Ukrainian Interchurch Council and holds an Honorary Doctorate in Theology from CLST (Christian Life School of Theology). KJMC has grown over the years and today numbers more than 2,000 people. The congregation is comprised of Jews and non-Jews, all of whom have accepted the Lord Yeshua ha’Mashiach (Jesus Christ).

The KJMC vision is focused largely on the revival of the Jewish people, including:

  • So that every Jew would know his Messiah
  • The unity in the Body of the Messiah to be restored
  • To break free of non-Biblical extremes of Judaism and Christianity
  • To bring about freedom from antisemitism, indifference, and other non-Biblical attitudes as well as freedom from Humanism and occult spirituality

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Source: Global News Alliance, Medical ministry in Ukraine’s liberated towns

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