Doctors in Liberia Try to Figure Out What Mystery Illness Is


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In late April, a mysterious illness hit the country of Liberia, when twenty-eight people who attended the same funeral ended up in the hospital and twelve died in a matter of hours.

Per CNN, “An unexplained illness has claimed the lives of 12 people in Liberia since April 23, the World Health Organization reported Thursday. Twenty-eight people have fallen ill, including an unknown number of children, and three remain hospitalized at Francis Grant Hospital in Sinoe County.”

At first, the doctors thought it was Ebola, which had been eradicated from Liberia in 2016. They ruled the illness out along with several others.

Ebony explains, “Symptoms of the illness include headache, diarrhea, vomiting and confusion, according to Fadela Chaib, a spokeswoman for the WHO. Health officials immediately tested the victims for Ebola, yellow fever and Lassa fever, but they were all ruled out.”

They are looking for other diseases that were passed on by water or food contamination.

Geo TV reports, “‘”They have taken samples from the dead bodies and all the samples came back negative for Ebola. They will be looking of course for other haemorrhagic fevers and for bacteria, if there was any common exposure to water contamination or food contamination,’ she said.”

Symptoms of the illness include headache and confusion.

CNN states, “Symptoms of the illness include headache, diarrhea, vomiting and confusion, according to Fadela Chaib, a spokeswoman for the WHO.” Liberia had been one of the centers of the outbreak of Ebola.

Per Ebony, “Liberia, along with Guinea and Sierra Leone, had been at the epicenter of the global outbreak of Ebola, which infected roughly 28,600 people and killed more than 11,300 in those three countries beginning in 2013. The WHO declared Liberia free of active Ebola transmission in June 2016.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) met together for three days to discuss vaccines and the findings they found.

Geo News TV reports, “A WHO advisory group of vaccine experts is due later on Friday to issue their findings after a three-day regular meeting on vaccines. The statement would include an update on ‘efficacy, safety and timelines for licensing Ebola vaccines’, Chaib said.”

ABWE works in Liberia to provide Christ’s hope to those who are stuck in witchcraft and animism.

ABWE states, “We are in desperate need of passionate missionaries to join us as we seek share the love of Christ in this spiritually dark country.”

Pray for an end to this mysterious illness. Pray for medical workers to know what the illness is and how to best treat it. Pray for more people to come to know Christ’s hope.

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