Dr. Charles Stanley – Celebrating a Life of Obedience

USA — Dr. Charles Stanley received the call to ministry at the age of fourteen. He passed away April 18th at the age of ninety. In his 65 years as a minister of the gospel, Dr Stanley served as a pastor, author, Bible teacher, and international Christian broadcaster through “In Touch Ministries”.

In 65 years of ministry, Dr. Charles Frazier Stanley helped spread the gospel worldwide, teaching the Bible through TV and radio broadcasts.

He led First Baptist Atlanta for 50 of those years, stepping back from that role in 2020 becoming Pastor Emeritus.

His son, Pastor Andy Stanley, talked to him about his life, love and legacy, including what the elder Stanley considered the most important part of his life.

Dr. Charles Stanley:

“Having a personal relationship with God means I’m connected 24 hours a day to the Creator, to the Savior, to the Lord, the Master, the one who walks with me, provides my needs, gives me joy.”

Stanley started the In Touch Ministries broadcast in 1977. Upon his passing, In Touch announced Dr. Stanley lived a life of obedience and is now receiving the joy of his soul, seeing his Savior face to face. He often appeared on The 700 Club with CBN founder Pat Robertson.

Dr. Charles:

Father, thank you for the wonderful promise in your word that you hear and answer our prayers.

Robertson said in a statement, “He was a great man of God, a wonderful Bible teacher, and his influence reached all around the world. To those of us who know Jesus, we don’t mourn the fact that one of His saints comes home, although at the same time that doesn’t take the sorrow from our hearts. Stanley’s personal life was difficult at times.

His father died shortly after he was born, and he and his wife divorced after more than 40 years of marriage.

Stanley served two terms as president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and in 1988 was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

CBN News spoke with faith leaders about Dr. Stanley’s impact and legacy.

He’s a man of God, a man of principle. He affected or had an impact on generations.

I think he was the master of taking biblical truth and then applying it to people’s lives in the areas where they had the greatest hurt and need.

His legacy when it comes to preaching. I mean, people around the world speak of listening to Charles Stanley’s sermons and it helped elevate expository preaching. It helped elevate biblical teaching as well.

Politicians from both sides of the aisle also paid tribute Senator and fellow Atlanta pastor Raphael Warnock saying Georgia had lost a larger than life faith leader while South Carolina Senator Tim Scott praised his long service.

Senator Tim Scott:

To the family of Dr. Charles Stanley. God bless the life and legacy of Dr. Stanley and his service to our country for more than 50 years of providing spiritual insight and encouragement.

I caught up with Stanley in 2010 at Martha’s Vineyard where he preached during Inspiration Weekend.

Dr. Charles:

One of the reasons that I came I thought well Lord you know you use whoever you want to use but I would certainly like to see something happen in the Northeast.

Stanley modeled his ministry after the Apostle Paul’s message in Acts 20, 24. “Life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus.”

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