DRC unrest leaves citizens unsettled, and lacking basic needs

Unrest in DRC

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the most mineral rich nations on earth, capable of great economic gain for its people. But decades of corrupt political leadership and war with neighboring countries currently has displaced an estimated 775,000 Congolese in the North Kivu province, according to the United Nations, leaving the country in unrest.

An estimated 30,000 of those Congolese are now cut off from any aid, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council. The challenge is getting aid to them in the midst of war and difficult terrain.

One Christian ministry with a long presence in the DRC is Mission Aviation Fellowship whose planes have been reaching remote people.

“Longevity in any area of ministry is difficult to achieve,” says John Boyd, president and CEO of MAF USA, as he reflects on the organization’s decades of service in the DRC.

However, as the physical and spiritual needs continue, the day when MAF is no longer needed there seems very distant.

“Serving in the DRC is a calling that MAF takes seriously and counts as a privilege,” Boyd said.

Pray for the ministry of Mission Aviation Fellowship in the DRC and for political and economic stability for its impoverished citizens.

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