Earthworms Die, Kerala Fears Drought

Kerala, India, now faces continued tragedy as water wells across the state appear to be drying up. According to the latest news from the flood-affected state, reported by the Times of India “A series of issues including soaring mercury levels, unprecedented dip in water level of rivers, sudden drying up of wells, and depletion of groundwater reserves and mass perishing of earthworms have caused widespread concern in various parts of Kerala after the devastating deluge last month.1

As reported, the intense sun and change in climate has also been killing massive amounts of earthworms, which habitually come up from the soil after heavy rains. This is problematic for many farmers in Kerala, as the earthworms are helpful for the soil.

Today, many villages are struggling to have enough drinking water for their daily needs because some rivers have begun to dry up. The Indian government is bringing water rations in these areas to help the people in this time of lack.

Relief Work Still Going Strong

As the flood survivors of Kerala continue to clean their homes and rebuild, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors and their congregations have not stopped taking care of those who are homeless and struggling.

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On August 23, a group of local believers distributed items to 55 flood-affected families taking shelter in relief camps.

“Many families lost their house and items in the flood,” Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Tahaan said. “Those families are staying in relief camps. … church members visited the relief camp and helped the families with their needs. When we learnt that still there are people in the camp who are in need, we also came to distribute the basic items in this area.”

As families received needed items through the money raised by the believers, they were touched by the love of God in their time of need. But the struggle to get back on their feet continues. Many of them have lost everything.

“Last four days, my family [has stayed] in the relief camp,” said one man taking refuge in a relief camp. “But we are thinking about our house and agriculture fields. Now I hear that our house and agriculture fields have almost spoiled. We are in a painful situation now.”

Please continue to pray for all those affected by the Kerala flooding. There remains much work to be done and still many more trials to overcome in the coming months.

To read more on the GFA-supported relief efforts in Kerala, India, go here.

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