Egyptian Church Bomber Turns Himself In


Photo by Andrew A. Shenouda

One man in one of two Coptic Church bombings on Palm Sunday turned himself in.

Per Fox News, “A man suspected in one of the two Palm Sunday bombings of Coptic Christian churches in northern Egypt has turned himself in to authorities.”

The police got a tip off of where Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan, one of the 19 suspects was at.

Arab News explains, “Acting on a tip-off, police arrested Ali Mahmoud Mohamed Hassan, one of 19 suspects whose names police made public after the Palm Sunday explosions, the official said.”

Mahmoud has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science and was transferred to the National Security Agency for questioning.

Ahram Online reports, “Mahmoud Mohamed Ali Hussein, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, has been transferred to the National Security Agency headquarters for questioning.”

13 members of a terrorist cell plotting to explode other churches were arrested.

Per Fox News, “Authorities said they have arrested 13 members of a terrorist cell that was plotting attacks against more churches in the country, according to the newspaper.”

These suicide bombings in Tanta and Alexandria were the deadliest church bombings in recent history.

Arab News states, “Two suicide bombers attacked two churches in the cities of Tanta and Alexandria on April 9, killing 45 people in the deadliest attack on Coptic Christians in recent memory.”

The Ministry of Interior identified Mohamed Baghdadi as a suicide bomber at the church in Tanta.

Ahram Online explains, “Last week, the Ministry of Interior identified in a statement Mohamed Baghdadi as the suicide bomber responsible for the attack in Tanta.”

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks and vowed to step up its attacks on Coptic Christians

Per Fox News, “ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks via its Aamaq media agency, following the group’s recent video vowing to step up attacks against Christians, whom the group describes as infidels empowering the West against Muslims.”

The attacks on Coptic churches were just weeks before the Roman Catholic Pope visited Egypt. The president of Egypt issued a three-month state of emergency.

Arab News reports, “The attacks, weeks before a planned visit by Roman Catholic Pope Francis, prompted the government to declare a three-month state of emergency.”

Operation Blessing helped the victims and families through paying for their medical bills and providing food.

CBN News explains, “Many of those killed in the terrorist attacks were men, leaving behind families in need of support. So Operation Blessing is providing food for 12 of the neediest families and looking for ways to help with medical bills.”

Pray for comfort for the families of victims of the terrorist attack. Pray for more Islamic terrorist to be arrested by the authorities. Pray for some of the terrorists to know Christ’s hope.

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