Egyptian refugee boat sinks on way to Italy


A refugee boat was on its way to Italy, when it flipped. It was holding 450 refugees, way beyond its capacity of 150 people.

According to CNN, “State media said the boat had a maximum capacity of 150 people, but 450 had been crammed aboard. Smugglers were charging 35,000 Egyptian pounds ($3,951) for an Egyptian and $3,000 for foreigners to make the dangerous journey from Egypt to Europe, state media said.”

Not very many people were saved from the capsized boat.

Al Jazeera reports, “At least 29 people have died and 150 rescued after a boat carrying hundreds of refugees capsized off Egypt’s coast.”

This was not an isolated occasion. Last summer, refugees on multiple boats tried to cross the Mediterranean into Europe. Many people on those attempts died as well.

The Huffington Post explains, “More and more people have been trying to cross to Italy from the African coastline over the summer months, particularly from Libya, where people-traffickers operate with relative impunity, but also from Egypt.”

The European Evangelical Mission Association is reaching out to refugees and Europeans alike with Christ’s hope.

According to The European Evangelical Mission Association, “We work together with national EMAs and pan-European agencies and networks to promote mission in, from and to Europe.”
Please pray for refugees, that they would be able to find Christ’s hope through missions organizations and churches in Europe.

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