Evangelist Returns to Jamaica Where He Accepted Christ to Conduct Gospel Festival

JAMAICA — As a 27-year-old rebellious son of one of the world’s best known evangelists, Andrew Palau never believed 31 years later he would return to Jamaica where he accepted Christ to conduct his own evangelistic festival.

More than three decades later he is continuing the legacy of his father Luis Palau by sharing the good news around the world. During the recent Fun in the Son Festival in Kingston, Jamaica more than 2,000 people responded to the Gospel.

31 years after he accepted Christ as a rebellious preacher’s kid at his father’s outreach in Jamaica, Andrew Palau returned there last month to conduct his own evangelistic festival.

Andrew Palau:

“And my parents, they saw my life. I was a 27-year-old young man, a functional alcoholic.”

During the Fun in the Sun festival in Kingston, Jamaica, more than 25,000 people were reached in person with a series of outreach events and more than 2,000 responded to the gospel. Palau says he can’t believe God has given him this opportunity to share his faith 31 years after his life was turned around.


I’m a preaching evangelist. I would have never dreamed it. Even when I got saved and began to grow in my faith, I never thought I would do that. It just seemed insane. I just wanted to serve God. I would do anything for Him. I never thought it would translate into being a guy that stands in front of people, large and small groups or whatever, and share the gospel.”

And three years after his father Luis Palau passed away, Andrew’s carrying on this work of sharing the good news around the world, with his next festival planned for June 2024 in Teesside in the north of England.

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