Evangelist Nick Hall Visits U.S.-Mexico Border: ‘What Is Happening at Our Front Door Is a Humanitarian Crisis That Needs Your Help’

MINNEAPOLIS — Evangelist Nick Hall, founder and president of Pulse, a Minneapolis-based, millennial-led evangelistic organization, recently spent three days at the U.S.-Mexico border as part of Pulse’s 2021 “God Lives Here” outreach campaign.

Nick Hall
Photo by Pulse

“God Lives Here” events, hosted in Houston, Laredo and Hidalgo, Texas, and in Oakland, Calif., were nights of worship, prayer and biblical challenge calling a generation to follow Jesus. A total of 4,850 people attended the four events and 265 people chose to commit their lives to Jesus for the first time.

“​​Show me where the disciples spent time with Jesus and didn’t run to the lost. You cannot follow the Jesus of the Bible and keep it to yourself. Because there are still people who need to hear the hope of the Gospel, learn about the love of God and find support through Jesus, we cannot keep Jesus to ourselves. This is why we do events like GOD LIVES HERE. It’s not about the hype, but about contending for the souls of the lost. It’s about bringing the Good News to people who need it the most,”

Nick Hall wrote on Instagram on July 16, ahead of “God Lives Here Oakland,” the final event in the “God Lives Here” campaign.

Prior to “God Lives Here Oakland,” Hall and his team spent three days at the U.S.-Mexico border, ministering to the residents of Laredo and Hidalgo and to those who were arriving in the U.S. by bus. Pulse’s “God Lives Here Houston” event raised more than $5,000 to support organizations that are serving at the border.

While in Laredo, Hall and his team distributed food to 300 children and adults at a Customs and Border Protection facility before leading a prayer and worship service. They also prayed for and with border patrol agents and volunteers aiding those at the border.

“I talked to church and nonprofit leaders, border agents and hundreds of migrants. What is happening at our front door is a humanitarian crisis that needs your help,” Nick Hall tweeted on July 10. “We need to pray. We need to push legislators to come across the aisle to pass legislation that addresses what’s happening. More than that, we all can give, serve and go. You don’t need to go on a mission trip to find the work of God; it’s at our border.”

Learn more about Nick Hall and Pulse here.

Nick Hall and Pulse representatives are available for interviews. Please email press@thekcompany.co to check availability.

Pulse is a Minneapolis-based, millennial-led prayer and evangelism movement on mission to make Jesus known. For over a decade, Pulse has hosted some of the largest events for the next generation, impacting over five million students and young adults.

Nick Hall is the founder and president of Pulse and a leading international evangelist. He holds a position on the Board of Directors Executive Committee of the National Association of Evangelicals. He is the author of Reset: Jesus Changes Everything.

Website: pulse.org | Facebook: pulsemovement | Instagram: @pulse.movement | Youtube: Pulse

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