Families Forced to Live Underground in East Ukraine

TORETSK, EAST UKRAINE — The reality of living with war means that with no electricity, heating or water in their apartments and constant explosions nearby many families are taking shelter underground in a basement in the city of Toretsk in East Ukraine.Mercy Projects team members spoke with a father and a young boy living underground who continued to take classes online while shelling could be heard above.

As the war rages on in Ukraine many families have been forced to permanently live underground.
Recently while distributing heating supplies in the city of Toretsk in the east of the country a team from the Christian charity Mercy Projects visited with families living in a basement.

While the constant sound of explosions could be heard above young Mykyta spoke with team member Andriy while he was studying online.


I really miss my home and I miss the time when I was able to go around outside with my friends as much as I wanted to and have fun.

And this father Konstantin told Mercy Projects Founder Jeff Thompson why his family is taking shelter in this basement.


First because the fighting intensified but also because we’ve got no electricity, no water, no heating in the apartment and it’s impossible to live there. And we have children and they are afraid to stay upstairs because of the sounds. At least here they sleep well. They know it’s safer.

So as families like these remain determined to continue their daily lives while living underground their dream is to one day return to their homes and enjoy being outdoors again.

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