FEBC Ukraine Broadcaster Reports From Bombed Out Kyiv Apartment Building

KYIV, UKRAINE — An apartment building in the Obelon District of Kyiv in Ukraine came under intense shelling on March 14. FEBC Ukraine Senior Broadcaster and Pastor Sergey Nakul brings this update on this latest attack from Russia.

Pastor Sergey NakulFEBC Ukraine Senior Broadcaster:

Another rocket hit apartment building with peaceful civilians with those people who are just living here in Kyiv, Ukraine and as you can see the whole building is just demolished. There is no life here.

So this is just one of the terrible consequences of war that Putin is waging against our country, against peaceful civilians, against infant children, ordinary people, elderly people. Nobody knows who’ll be next.

But for the people of God there is a powerful consolation that we could read in Jesus words. For example we read in John 10:28 when He says, “I give you eternal life and none of you will perish. Nobody will snatch you out of My hand.” Death is near us. Death is real. But God is real also. Put our trust in Him.

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