FEBC Ukraine Videographer Continues Serving Despite Attacks

MYKOLAIV, UKRAINE — Despite attacks on his city in Southern Ukraine, FEBC Film Director Dima continues serving in ministry alongside his pregnant wife. FEBC Ukraine Broadcaster Igor brings this update from the city of Mykolaiv alongside Dima.

IgorFEBC Ukraine Broadcaster:

Hello, everyone. My name is Igor, this is Dima, we both from FEBC team in Ukraine and right now we are in Mykolaiv city south of Ukraine. And as you know, in Mykolaiv a lot of frontline and Russian soldiers want to occupy Mykolaiv but they couldn’t do it.

And Dima our cameraman, our film director, who is making a lot of broadcasting videos and right now, he and his family, his wife is pregnant. Can you imagine they stay here in Mykolaiv. Every day I heard explosions and a lot of missiles close to the city. But they still continue to serve God. Dima what do you want to say?

DimaFEBC Ukraine Film Director:

This is just our ministry and we do it. Thank you for your praying and support. It’s very important for us. And we believe Ukraine will win and all praise and glory to God.


So as you can see FEBC team have encouraging and boldness. And thank you that you are with us, and pray especially for Dima and his pregnant wife. Thank you very much. God bless you.

About FEBC

FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company, www.febc.org) was founded in 1945 to share the gospel in China. Today, more than 900 staff and 1,800 volunteers produce 842 hours of programming each day, broadcasting across Asia, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East and Africa. Programs in 124 languages air from 265 stations.

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