Fiji battered by two cyclones and floods

In Fiji after a previous cyclone wreaked havoc

The Pacific island nation of Fiji is recovering from two cyclones and major floods,all happening since late February 2016.

Tropical Cyclone  Winston, the strongest recorded cyclone ever in Fiji and the Southern Hemisphere, was a Category 5 tropical cyclone with estimated winds of 185 miles per hour. As the eye of Cyclone Winston crossed Fiji, meteorologists estimate it was second only to Super Typhoon Haiyan, the largest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall.

Cyclone Zena struck in early April 2016, doing minimal damage to Fiji before making a direct hit on Tonga as a Category 1 storm dropping much rain before weakening.

The United Church of Christ initiated recovery efforts in the Fijian town of Navakawu, a hard-to-access rural village on TaveuniIsland.

“What we found in Navakawu was heartbreaking,” said UCC Disaster Ministries Executive Zach Wolgemuth. “The community had always relied on rainwater catchment from the roofs of their houses as their sole source of water for drinking, bathing, washing clothes,and so forth. With all the roofs damaged or simply missing, water was in short supply even with the government tanker truck.”

Pray for Fiji residents during this disaster recovery and for disaster-relief volunteers who serve there.

The article above is summary of the news below:

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