Fish ‘n’ Chips Evangelism

CONROE, TX – It has been more than 2,000 years since Jesus invited Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him along with the promise that He would transform them into fishers of men. (Matthew 4 & Mark 10)

Digital chipsAlthough it has not been recorded, what He taught them about becoming fishers of me, there are several occasions when the subject of fish and fishing made it into the Gospel narrative.

Had teachers like Louie Giglio been on the staff of the Disciples’ Fish-Finding Symposium, he would have looked for a ‘hook’ that would help preserve each day’s lesson in the hearers’ minds. That would have been problematic. These veteran fishermen used nets, not hooks, to bring the fish home.

The hook that Giglio would have found most helpful did not appear for centuries. Who would ever figure that the hook would be chips!

Digital chips that is.

Electronic, digital chips have been transforming the art and science of fishing for men for more than two decades now. At the current accelerated speed of technological advancement, tens of thousands of ‘fish’ can be reached with the Gospel implanted on digital chips. The Digital Bible Society best describes its own work.

“The Digital Bible Society aims to freely distribute the Bible and other Christian resources on SD chips, flash drives, DVDs, hard drives, solar-powered audio players, projectors, old-fashioned ink on paper, and anything at our disposal.”

“Basically, we use any media at our disposal to replicate and allocate the Word of God.”

“In order to make the most of the digital revolution, the Digital Bible Society has partnered with Bible translators, mission agencies, and Christian content creators to amass digital Bibles and other resources: commentaries, discipleship materials, classic Christian literature, children’s resources, worship MP3s, hymnals, videos (such as The Jesus Film and The Hope), audio files, and many more into quality, free-to-copy libraries. Once a language library is completed, DBS partners with those serving individual target regions to freely distribute these libraries where most needed.”

Even Gutenberg could not have envisioned the many different ways that the Bible can be transmitted today.

“it is now possible for every person in any country, speaking whatever language, can access the Biblical resources they need.”

Digital chips are transforming the methods and effectiveness of fishing for men. As of this writer’s last count, more than 120 faith-based organizations are partnering with the Digital Bible Society either as content providers or as fishers of men using chips.

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