Flooding in Midwest Late April and Early May


Photo by National Weather Service

In late April and early May, the states of Arkansas and Missouri were hit by heavy rain. This caused flooding.

Per the Weather Channel, “Earlier this week, storms and heavy rainfall that began over the weekend triggered flooding that forced the closure of hundreds of roads in Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois and shut down two major waterways.”

In both Northwest Arkansas and Missouri, about 100 National Guard members were helping to assist in the flood-fighting efforts.

USA Today reports, “After floodwaters punched through levees in parts of Missouri and Arkansas, the National Weather Service warned Thursday of more high water in northwest Arkansas, where some 100 members of the National Guard are assisting in the flood-fighting effort.”

One flooded house hit a bridge in Arkansas. This is just one instance of destruction in the Midwest.

Fox News states, “A flooded house rammed into a bridge in Arkansas, pushed along by powerful rushing water and captured on video — just one of the moments of destruction from the deadly flooding pummeling parts of the Midwest this week.”

The Weather Channel explains, “In Missouri, people put out sandbags near their homes to stop the water from entering their homes. In Cape Girardeau, Missouri, sandbagging was underway to protect homes. Football players for Southeast Missouri State University joined other volunteers to fill sandbags to protect homes outside the floodwall that guards most of the city, the AP reported.”

On May 4, waters were receding though some states were still being affected by thunderstorms.

Per Fox News, “Although flood waters are receding in some areas, severe thunderstorms are still wreaking havoc in four Midwest states: Hundreds of homes and businesses have suffered damage in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois. In addition, flooding is blamed in at least nine deaths, and an 18-month-old Arkansas girl swept away by floodwater is missing and presumed dead.”

In addition, the flooding was also bad in Louisiana, where a school bus got stuck in the mud.

The Weather Channel states, “Meanwhile, the situation in Louisiana became dire Thursday as water began to pour over river banks. A school bus attempting to pass a flooded road got stuck and nearly tipped over near the town of Iowa. Students and the driver were rescued uninjured.”

The Midwest Food Bank was providing food and other supplies to the people of Arkansas and Texas.

Pantagraph reports, “Each disaster relief box contains shelf-stable food and supplies to provide for a family of four for five days. Hygiene kits containing soap, shampoo and toothpaste will be included in the load being dispatched from Bloomington.”

Pray for the people of the Midwest, that they would be able to recover from the floods. Pray for relief teams if they need it. Pray also for people to come to know Christ’s hope.

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