Former Persecutor Turned to Jesus Radically Changed

IRAN – You may have heard a story like this before. It’s a narrative about a man who devoted his life to persecuting Christians. He would have done anything in his power to eliminate them from the face of the earth. He traveled with orders to find, detain, and bring professing Christians before religious courts where they would be tried and, often, put to death.

You may have read his story in the book of Acts. His name was Saul. He first appears as a participant at the stoning of Stephen. Saul was feared by everyone. Until he met Jesus. Then he was completely changed.

A similar story has been repeated recently by representatives of Heart4Iran.

According to Mission Network News, Heart4Iran is a consortium of over 40 partners actively working together to bring the love and hope of Jesus Christ to the people of Iran. Mohabat TV is part of Heart4Iran.

Heart4Iran’s goal is “to inspire the Western world with God’s amazing work among Muslims in Iran, to engage Christians in active prayer and generous financial partnership in reaching millions of Persians with the hope of Christ, and to transform their minds and hearts toward Muslims.”

The founders of the faith-based outreach realized that the growing Christian community in Iran had been largely unknown to the outside world and few missions’ resources were being used to reach a nation desperate to learn about Jesus Christ.

Not long ago, a man who self-identified as a former Taliban executioner called into the program response team at Mohabat TV asking to learn more about Jesus. He shared with them that he was unable to sleep at night as he was tormented by nightmares clearly rooted in his past.

The team not only spoke with him that night, but they also maintained contact with him. He found it difficult to understand that Jesus could love him and change him. However, as the conversations continued and after praying with him, he decided to read the Bible.

It was the first night he was able to sleep restfully.

The conversations continued, and the former executioner put his trust in Christ. Now he is a changed man who understands that God is willing to forgive anyone who will come to Him through His Son, Jesus. He knows that even a former Taliban executioner is not beyond the reach of God’s grace. And he sleeps well at night safe in the arms of Jesus.

Pray for the people in Iran. Many are searching for the true God. And He is revealing Himself to them.

Pray for the ministry of Mohabat TV as it broadcasts the Gospel across Iran.


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