Fun and Faith in Iraq Bible Competition

IRAQ — Young believers in Iraq are discovering how to apply the Bible in their everyday lives – through a fun, interactive Bible competition run by Open Doors local partners.


We have an activity today in the Holy Bible. the Gospel of John. We read it and prepare for upcoming questions. The contest will be in the form of a rivalry between to teams, in order to collect points and win beautiful prizes.


I participated in this contest for a good reason, and that is I had no previous knowledge of the Bible.


If I see young people my age that don’t attend the church, I would be able to enlighten them through the Bible.


I learned a lot of things I never knew before, and things I didn’t know. I learned this from my group, and I drew nearer to the Holy Bible. This participation in the questions about the Bible strengthened me, and helped transfer my knowledge to others, and face the difficulties of life and solve them according to the Bible, for we always come back to the Bible because it’s our foundation.


I learned from this competition to benefit from the Bible, to learn so that I can teach others and give them hope, and that true life is in the Bible and that the scriptures form the foundation of our lives.

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