Gospel for Asia Spreads God’s Love at Wills Point ‘Boo-on-the-Bricks’

WILLS POINT, TEXAS – There is nothing scary about the bricks in Will Point, Texas. The main street has been lined with them since the 1920s. But every year, as it nears Halloween, the brick streets turn into a small community event called BOO on the Bricks, where children—and adults—can dress, get candy and learn about the different local organizations.

GFA participated in this year's Boo-on-the-Bricks for residents to learn about our organization and for us to get better acquainted with them.
Stop. Let Christ transform your life.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) took part in the festivities on October 27 by setting up a booth where people could grab a free book about the ministry and to get better acquainted with their neighbors.

GFA behind-the-scenes missionaries and School of Discipleship students interacted with children and adults during the event, and they were able to explain how millions of people halfway around the world are struggling just to survive another day and the efforts to provide physical and spiritual relief to the millions of impoverished children and families in Asia.

They were also able to share about the willing sacrifices so many are making around the world to provide food, clean water, sanitation, warm clothing, education, health care and hope for men, women, boys and girls who are made of the same flesh and blood as we are—just living in different parts of the world.

Several books published by Gospel for Asia (GFA) were available, free of charge, to passersby, including Revolution in World Missions. Pray that the people who chose to receive books would read them and that the Lord would use those books to transform their lives right there in Wills Point, Texas.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is pleased to be a member of the Will Point Chamber of Commerce, which organized BOO on the Bricks.

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