Gospel for Asia Calls for Prayer, Fasting About Coronavirus Crisis During Lent

WASHINGTON, DC – Out of fear and an abundance of caution, the coronavirus has been dominating news headlines just as we enter the Christian celebration of Lent.Pundits, physicians, and politicians are debating the potential of a coronavirus pandemic. Some say there is no reason to worry about the deadly virus that has already claimed the lives of 2,814 people in 2020 and infected 82,588. Others are panicking, pressing for more progress with preparedness.For live, up-to-the-minute data on the virus, visit the Worldometers website.Meanwhile, Fox News carried a press release on February 26th from Gospel for Asia (GFA) that called Christians to pray about the Coronavirus crisis during Lent, and introduced the agency’s new online Lent Calendar.

Fox News carried a press release on February 26th from Gospel for Asia that introduced the agency’s new online Lent Calendar.

Lent is the 40-day period before Easter, focusing on fasting, repentance, and charity. Many Christians who observe Lent refrain from eating certain foods such as meat for a while, using the cash savings to help others in need. Others voluntarily give up an activity they enjoy and instead use the time to pray and encourage others.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) vice president, Danny Yohannan, observed that the season of Lent is an ideal time for Christians around the world to pray for God’s providence and protection.

“Our world today desperately needs God’s intervention and grace. The Lenten season is a purposeful opportunity in which we seek God and ask him to give us his heart for the suffering people of the world. At this time, it’s especially important and appropriate to pray for his mercy upon all those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, as well as other tragedies such as sex trafficking and exploitive labor.”

Yohannan encouraged Christians around the world:

“to pray and ask for God’s mercy and grace: for those affected by the coronavirus, for their protection and strength, for the doctors who are faithfully working to bring healing and hope and for wisdom for the leaders in the nations that are dealing with this tragedy.”

He also explained that the coronavirus is one of many critical issues facing the world today. He asked for believers to also pray for children enslaved in forced labor, victims of human trafficking, and others suffering cruel injustice.

A vaccine for the coronavirus may be more than a year away. In the meantime, people should take this simple precaution to help avoid individual infection: Wash and scrub hands for at least 20 seconds …

  • After going to the bathroom
  • After blowing their nose
  • After coughing or sneezing
  • Before eating

Prayer remains our most powerful resource, whether for protection from the COVID-19 virus or for any other matter we face from day-to-day.

We invite you to follow the Gospel for Asia (GFA) online Lent Calendar, reading the Scriptures and short devotionals, and praying for others.

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