Good News Is Setting Prisoners Free

HENRICO, VA – Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is the largest independent provider of chaplains for jails and prisons worldwide, serving in 22 states and 25 countries. GNJPM will celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2021.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry is the largest chaplains provider for jails & prisons worldwide, serving in 22 states & 25 countries
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Good News JPM’s vision is “To reach every inmate in the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ that they might become growing disciples.” They believe that the most effective way of doing so is to ensure that there is a trained and dedicated Christian chaplain in every jail and prison ministering to the spiritual needs of the residents and staff.

That’s a tall order, considering that there are over two million people behind bars in the United States alone. That is an entire mission field unto itself. Those people are locked in at what may be the loneliest places on earth.

In addition to the two million inmates in the U.S., there are another estimated eight million people in prisons and jails in countries outside of our country at any given time.

“Prison is a miserable place to find yourself – but overseas people who are incarcerated often face inhumane conditions – inadequate nutrition (many only getting one “meal” a day), environments with limited or no appropriate sanitation, unbearable heat and humidity, or unspeakable cold and dampness, and very limited medical care available.”

That is a total prison population in excess of 10 million, an abundance of whom probably do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Every one of those who do not know Him are under a death sentence unless someone points them to Jesus.

GNJPM chaplains offer a variety of Bible-based programs that benefit inmates, staff, and families in their facilities.

“Good News Life Learning Programs offer a structured approach to teaching inmates the truths of God’s Word. As they grasp what God has done for them in Christ, a flame of hope for their future is ignited, and many begin to believe for the first time that their lives matter. The transformations being seen here are dramatic.”

Have transformations really been seen? I once listened to a ranking police official who believe that criminals could not change their ways. The results from GNJPM’s latest published ministry records include 78,000 decisions to follow Jesus Christ

Of those 78,000, some will grow in faith behind bars and become effective witnesses to their fellow inmates of the life-changing power of the Gospel.

Others will be released and will return to their communities where they can demonstrate the power and love of Christ to their family, neighbors, and co-workers, and become faithful servants in local, Bible-believing churches.

The Good News Jail & Prison Ministry website features a page with amazing videos of people whose lives completely changed when they met Christ in prison. Should you decide to check it out, don’t miss the testimony of Inmate 81890 – who is now Chaplain Marcus Baird.

Good News Jail & Prison Ministry chaplains are pointing the way in 276 facilities in 25 different countries. GNJPM may be the largest ministry of its kind, but it cannot reach the entire global prison population on its own. We can give thanks that the International Network of Prison Ministries has identified a combination of over 4,800 prison ministries, chaplains, and volunteers in 111 countries.

Pray that the Lord will open the hearts of prisoners around the world as GNJPM, and other prison chaplaincy organizations share the Good News those prisoners so desperately need to hear.

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