Gospel for Asia Observes World Day of Social Justice

Gospel for Asia Observes World Day of Social Justice - KP Yohannan

WILLS POINT, Texas – Gospel for Asia (GFA) is drawing attention to the United Nations’ 11th Annual World Day of Social Justice (WDOSJ) during February, 2018 by producing a Special Report: Seeking Justice and Defending Human Rights Wherever Poverty and Oppression Exist.

The theme of the WDOSJ this year is “Workers on the Move: The Quest for Social Justice.” The day has been set aside, fundamentally, to promote the UN’s “global mission to promote development and human dignity.”

Social justice begins with the recognition of social injustices. Social justice is propagated by assisting those who have become victims of those injustices – without regard for gender, class, race, or religion. Social justice is achieved when all people engage to promote the health, well-being, and respect of all others.

In general, the World Day of Social Justice is used to promote the need for universal access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation, the need to prevent human trafficking and violence to women and children, the need to provide work and opportunities for the abandoned, homeless, widows, and children, and the need to release children from forced labor and to provide them with the education needed that will allow them to advance in the word.

Meeting each of these needs comprise segments of Gospel for Asia’s and countless others’ humanitarian assistance programs both at home and around the globe.

The burden for bringing social justice rests on those who have the capability and capacity to help the helpless. Those who are treated unjustly, whether for political, economic, ethnic, or other reasons, usually lack the power to change their circumstance without assistance from some outside source.

In addition to our ongoing work in the field in the 10/40 window, Gospel for Asia (GFA) devoted a portion of their February 20th Tuesday night prayer service praying for the needs of the millions around the world who are victims of social injustice.

The service is open to the public.


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