Grace Fuels Ohio Church’s Unique Outreach – 10 Gallons of Free Gas for 100 Cars

LIBERTY, Ohio – This world may not be a friend to grace nor does it often demonstrate it. As Christians we have the blessed responsibility, however, to demonstrate the grace of God so the world may see and understand His love. Victory Christian Center in Liberty, Ohio, did exactly that recently.

Without making prior public announcements, the pastor and a group of about 30 church members manned the pumps at a local gas station and bought 10 gallons of gas for the first 100 cars that stopped by the station on Saturday morning, May 12th.

The idea to gift the gasoline grew out of Pastor Lock Beachum, Jr.’s desire to celebrate 10 years of ministry in the community. The effort was a part of the church’s Operation Impact. Pastor Beachum told reporters that “We thought it would just be an incredible way of showing the love of Jesus.”

The church members attending to the cars wore T-shirts that said, “I love my church.” In addition to pumping the 10 gallons of free fuel, the participants also provided free snacks and water to the drivers and passengers.

There were reports of people crying tears of thanksgiving because of the impact of saving $30 meant to their personal situations.

At least one surprised driver insisted on offering a donation to the church in return for their kindness. That gift was immediately used to fuel 12 more cars.

We never know what a simple gift of 10 gallons of gasoline can mean to a stranger who is having trouble making ends meet or who is suffering personal heartache and just needs a little kindness.

That’s what grace is. Kindness. Undeserved kindness. Imagine the impact our ministries could have if we looked for more ways to demonstrate the grace of God by extending that grace to others. Imagine the impact that we as individuals can have if we look for opportunities instead of waiting for someone to cry out for help.

What you are imagining is grace. People are waiting to experience it.


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