Guatemala Follows United States in Declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

On Christmas Eve, Guatemala’s president announced they will follow the United States in declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

Guatemala Follows United States
Guatemala followed the US in declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel. Source: Alex S

There is some speculation that Guatemala will be the first country to move their embassy. Guatemala refuted these speculations, saying they will follow the lead of the United States.

Per Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, “The Israeli ambassador to Guatemala, Mattanya Cohen, said on Tuesday morning that Guatemala would only move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem after the United States moves it embassy. This could take years, said Cohen …”

Several nations in the UN voted to keep their embassies in Tel Aviv, knowing that moving their embassies to Jerusalem would cause violence instead of peace.

Fox News explains, “The U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly Thursday to condemn the U.S. decision in a non-binding resolution. Guatemala was one of nine nations that sided with the United States.”

President Donald Trump threatened to cut off aid from nations that vote in favor of a UN resolution that said the recognition the United States gave to Jerusalem was illegal. Guatemala wants to stand with their military allies in Israel.

BBC reports, “Guatemala and Israel have a long history of political, economic and military ties. The Central American country is also a major recipient of US aid – something which Donald Trump threatened to cut to states that voted in favour of the UN resolution.”

Guatemala’s president, Jimmy Morales, decided to move the embassy to Jerusalem after discussions with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

While it may “take years” for the move to happen, Guatemala stands behind their decision.

HeartCry, an organization that seeks to “facilitate the advancement of indigenous missionaries throughout the world,” is sharing God’s love with the people of Israel. They currently have two pastors serving in this country.

Pray God grants wisdom to the countries seeking to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Pray for favor and peace.

Pray for HeartCry and its missionaries, especially as they endure turbulent times.

Pray many people in Israel to come to know God’s love.

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