Guatemala Mudslide Kills at Least 9


Photo by nelo (Leonel Mijangos)

Last September, a mudslide hit a small town in the outskirts of Guatemala City, known as Villa Nueva. At least 9 people died in the mudslide.

CNN reports, “At least 9 people died after a mudslide ravaged southern Guatemala early Wednesday, according to volunteer firefighters in the municipality of Villa Nueva.”


In another town, Santa Isabel II, 50 people were affected by the mudslides in Guatemala.

Reuters explains, “Around 50 people were affected and various homes were damaged in Santa Isabel II, a town 30 kilometers (19 miles) south of the capital, David Leon, a spokesman for the national emergency services, told reporters.”

There was one person missing, a child. He went missing during the mudslides. No one knew what happened to him.

The News states, “Firefighters said the missing person was a child.”

The firefighters underwent a search for the child, but no one could find them.

Per CNN, “A search was underway for a missing child who local authorities fear may have been swept away by the fast-moving mud mass, which was caused by heavy rains.”

While the emergency workers continued to look for survivors from the mudslides, authorities opened shelter for the people who had been rescue or fled from the mudslides.

Reuters states, “Authorities opened shelters for those affected, while emergency services continued to look for survivors.”

One person was sent to the hospital for injuries given during the mudslide.

The News reports, “‘The landslide claimed nine lives. One person is in the hospital, another is missing and 45 people were affected,’ he [David de Leon] told AFP.”

The government ordered a state of emergency in the town and asked the residents to evacuate.

CNN explains, “Authorities have declared a state of emergency in the small town, south of the capital of Guatemala City, and have asked residents to evacuate.

This was not the worst mudslide on record. In 2015, nearly 300 people died in a mudslide in a town southeast of Guatemala City.

Per Reuters, “Last year, Guatemala had one of its worst ever natural disasters when nearly 300 people died in a mudslide in Santa Catarina Pinula on the southeastern flank of Guatemala City.” Casas Por Cristo offer the opportunity for mission trip participants to build houses and provide the hope of Christ in that way.

Casas Por Cristo reports, “We offer group and individual mission trips to San Raymundo, Guatemala. In just one week, partner with a local church to construct a home from start to finish for a family in need. We offer one model home in Guatemala with three rooms and a large front porch.”

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