Health Leaders Scramble to Create Zika Vaccine as the Disease Spreads Across the Americas


The Zika outbreak that started in northeast Brazil is now in 30 countries, causing researchers to develop vaccines while trying to confirm the connection to microcephaly. Christian ministries like World Vision and Operation Blessing have mobilized with preventative strategies in high-risk communities while ministering to mothers whose children have birth defects.

According to Operation Blessing, “In some countries, such as El Salvador, women are being urged to delay becoming pregnant for two years to avoid severe issues such as microcephaly—a condition where a child is born with incomplete brain development and an abnormally small head. This can lead to seizures, developmental delays and mental retardation.”

Pray for the families of microcephaly babies as they learn how to care and nurture their children. Also, pray for researchers and health-aid workers as they rapidly work to eradicate Zika.

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