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ATHENS — Hellenic Ministries incorporates nearly a dozen different initiatives to share the gospel with the people of Greece. Many of us don’t give Greece a second thought when it comes to global evangelism. But would you believe that less than 1% of the people in Greece claim to be born again?

Hellenic Ministries incorporates nearly a dozen different initiatives to share the gospel with the people of Greece.The Hellenic Ministries website describes Greece as “a nation where the Gospel has been largely forgotten. Spiritual darkness and unbelief are prevalent.” The vast majority of the Greek population does not have access to the Bible in the modern Greek language.

Operation Joshua is Hellenic Ministries initiative to place colloquial Greek New Testaments into every home in the country. The project was launched in 2008. Over the past 12 years, more than 3800 volunteers have traveled over 605,000 kilometers to reach nearly 5,500 villages. Thus far, more than 1,153,000 New Testaments have been given as gifts to Greek families.

The objective of Hellenic Ministries is to Reach People with the message of the Gospel, Teach People how to follow Christ through relational discipleship, Touch People through acts of compassion just like Jesus would, and Send People to serve the Lord throughout the country and beyond its borders. Operation Joshua is at the forefront of this multi-faceted ministry.

Broad Reach Maritime was created to evangelize and disciple inhabitants of the many Greek Isles. This part of the ministry is also a gateway to reaching unbelievers in neighboring countries of Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Egypt. Hellenic Ministries has incorporated sailing as a ministry tool by hiring young Greeks as crew members. Their time at sea offers a unique opportunity to share the good news of what Jesus has done and to live out a Christ-like life in front of the crew.

AXIA 113 exists “to serve the refugee populations in Greece by affirming their worth through meeting needs and preparing them for a better and more hopeful future.” Greece has been a natural gateway to Europe for refugees from conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. Refugees often find themselves unexpectedly entangled in red tape, often having to wait for years to be processed for asylum.

This ministry exists to extend compassion to the refugees by providing clothing, meals, laundry service, showers, and healthcare in the name of Jesus and in demonstration of His great love.

AXIA is the Greek word for value. The number 113 represents Psalm 113, which speaks of the love of the Lord who raised the poor up out of the dust and offers them a place among princes.

The Petalouda Center is another unique aspect of the Hellenic Ministries. It is an outreach specifically to the Roma people in Athens. The Roma people have been scorned and ostracized for centuries. “The world puts its limitations and expectations on them, often leading to hopelessness. Problems from the past, which plague their futures, include the lack of education and social inclusion, leading to a lack of jobs and income.”

Hellenic Ministries has come alongside the Roma to show them that someone cares about them and that they need no longer be confined to a life of nomadic struggles. The Petalouda Center serves to nurture the Roma community and to share the transformational love and power of Jesus Christ. It is a place where children and adults are taught how to read and write, learn new skills, and gain the self-confidence they need to prosper.

Time and space limit our ability to elaborate on all of the Hellenic Ministries initiatives. You can learn more by visiting their website at www.hellenicministries.org. Perhaps the Lord will burden your heart to pray for their ministry.

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