How God Changed a Sheikh to His Sheep

CAIRO – Last month, Missions Box News ran the true story of how Jesus came to visit a Middle Eastern man at night and dictated the entire Gospel of John to a Muslim man. The amazing part of that story is not what, but why it happened. Because God so loves us that He will do extraordinary things to draw us to Him.God is working in mighty ways far beyond the ordinary. God Reports shared another of these fantastic stories a few days ago. The younger brother of an Egyptian sheikh had abandoned Islam because he had come to believe in and trust Jesus Christ as his Savior.

The sheikh saw that the god he had been serving chases people with a sword but the one true God and Lord, Jesus Christ, pursues people with love.

Despite loving his younger brother, the sheikh yielded to the pressure from his family to “do the right thing” by killing the young man. Under Islamic Shariah law, murdering a family member who becomes a follower of Christ is “the right thing.”

The sheikh devised a plan. He invited his younger sibling to his home for a few days. The brothers shared a bedroom in which the sheikh had hidden a knife under his own pillow. When the younger brother slept, the sheikh reached for his weapon, but it was gone!

It had disappeared.

When they awoke in the morning, the sheikh looked under his pillow. To his surprise, the knife was where he had initially placed it.

Disconcerted but determined, when they retire to sleep the next evening, the sheikh placed the dagger in his belt. When he arose in the middle of the night, he reached for the knife. It was in his belt as expected. However, when he grabbed the dagger, he was unable to move it. Making matters even more exasperating, he couldn’t take his hand off the knife handle!

He was stuck like glue all night long.

When they awoke that morning, his hand was suddenly released.

Finally, he arranged for some of his friends to do the deed. They surrounded the house that night and snuck into the bedroom, only to discover the younger brother was not there. He was, in fact, nowhere in the house.

Much to the young man’s surprise, when he awoke, he was lying on a sidewalk several blocks away.

Unaware of the potential harm he had been facing, the younger brother had repeatedly shared the Gospel with his older brother.

After the third failed attempt, the sheikh, too, became a follower of Christ. It cost him his family and all his possessions, but he is remaining faithful to the Son of God, who left all of His glory to die for us.

The sheikh saw that the god he had been serving chases people with a sword, but the one true God and Lord, Jesus Christ, pursues people with love. “One god wants to kill people, but our God died for people.”

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