How a Monkey Farm Became The Farm of Hope

PLAYA OCOTAL, COSTA RICA – The Farm of Hope is a wonderful example of how the Lord works in mysterious ways.

The First Rescue Center – for Monkeys

God always works in mysterious ways — we may not always see it, but you have just read about one of them. It’s called the Farm of Hope.The Monkey Farm was established in 2012 by a small group of Christians. The founders’ intent was to create a sustainable wildlife rescue center that is self-sufficient in every way. The farm has its own sources of water, food, and energy. To the best of our knowledge, The Monkey Farm is the only self-sustaining facility of its kind anywhere in the world.

In addition to being a sanctuary for monkeys, it is also home to goats and horses. The farm uses an aquaponics system to raise fish and grow fruits and vegetables. Among its other features is an apiary at which the bees produce high-quality, medicinal-grade honey (MGH).

Building and growing the farm never became an excuse for the staff to neglect the pressing need to reach out to other people who have no relationship with Christ, particularly those who hungered because of their poverty and those who had succumbed to addictions.

Their outreach to the surrounding villagers began when they started feeding and ministering to homeless men and women. Their message was clear. “Your situation is not hopeless. There is hope and life in Jesus Christ.”

Two homeless addicts who showed up regularly for food asked for additional help to break their cycle of addiction. It was during a season of prayer for these men that the Lord led the staff to extend an invitation to invite them to come to the farm to live, work, and be discipled.

The Second Rescue Center – for People

The inclusion of those original two was the inception of The Farm of Hope, where the down-and-out discover that there is hope in Jesus Christ. The Farm of Hope’s mission is not only to create hope and healing but also to raise up disciples of Jesus who will, themselves, seek to reach and disciple others. In their own words, their mission is,

“To train Warriors for the Kingdom of God who are “MORE than Conquerors” because after conquering their own life-controlling problems, they will return to the battlefield and help save “One More Man.””

Residents also become farmhands and participate in the many daily chores. Learning to love and care for the animals helps residents to overcome their loneliness. It also teaches them how to love and care about other human beings.

Some who come to The Farm of Hope make it their “forever home” from which they are able to continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and become integral parts of the multiple outreach programs that include feeding programs, literacy training, equine therapy for disabled children.

The birth of The Farm of Hope may have come as a surprise. The farm can’t reach everyone. Neither can you or I. But, we should note this quote as one of the values of the farm.

“Giving hope to one person won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one person.”

We tend to think the Lord moves in mysterious ways only occasionally. But He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There is not even a shadow of turning with Him. He always works in mysterious ways. We may not always see His mysterious moves, but you have just read about one of them. It’s called the Farm of Hope.

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