Impoverished Community Gives Resources to Aid Ongoing Relief Work in Kerala

After hearing of monsoon rains ravaging the southern Indian state of Kerala and of the floodwaters that were destroying paddy fields and homes and claiming lives, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastor Jacob, living in Northeast India, immediately mobilized the national workers in his region to help. Although the disaster was thousands of miles away, compassion for those experiencing the terror of this natural disaster, and for those who have lost loved ones, moved on their hearts.

Pastor Jacob and other Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported pastors and national missionaries in his region created donation boxes and went around the marketplace and to shops raising awareness of the plight of the people in Kerala and asking for help.

Even though many in this region are impoverished, they were moved with sympathy and gave whatever they could to help those who have lost everything. By the end of the day, Pastor Jacob and his team raised nearly 27,600 rupees for the flood survivors.

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On-the-ground Relief Work Continues

In Kerala, Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported workers, and many others who have stepped in at a moment’s notice, continue to provide physical assistance and hope in the name of Jesus to those now living in relief camps.

Dr. K.P Yohannan, founder of Gospel for Asia (GFA), and one Gospel for Asia (GFA)-supported relief team were able to link arms with a wealthy family in the area, who are housing and caring for families who have been misplaced due to the floodwaters. They were able to provide 100 families taking shelter at this refugee location with basic relief items and cleaning supplies, such as soap, brooms and wipers to assist in house clean-up once the floodwaters recede. These items have been a blessing to the flood-affected families.

Yohannan has been active in comforting flood victims with encouraging words and prayer, as well as handing out relief items to help families get back on their feet. At one relief camp with more than 500 people, he presented people with bedsheets, mats, buckets, soap, toothbrushes and other items.

“Kerala has experienced an unexpected flood and loss,” he said, “but the Church will stand with the affected people and will help them in whatever way possible.”

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At another relief camp Yohannan visited, he drew attention to the youth present, who were sacrificing their time and resources to help others in need.

“One of the amazing thing we experience during this huge, catastrophic event in Kerala is the young people are giving their time to serve food and other items to help people. I have also heard the stories of young people who are taking vehicles and moving from place to place and rescuing the people. I thank God for the young people in our community. It is a good sign that the youths are growing with compassion and concern for others.”

Please continue to pray for the ongoing relief work that is taking place, not only in Kerala but also across the country, as many states in India step in to help the flood survivors rebuild their lives after the waters stole much from them.

One farmer, after receiving relief supplies, said, “My family is staying in the relief camp for four days. Our house is filled with water. I lost my paddy field and crops.”

Please consider giving a donation to help people like this farmer and many others who are living with hopelessness.

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