India Landslide Strands Tens of Thousands of People

Photo by Ashish Gupta

In May, 13,000 people in India were traveling to a Hindu holy site (a revered temple), but on their way to the temple, a landslide happened. There were no reports of death or injury initially.

Per Fox News, “A landslide caused by pre-monsoon rains stranded about 13,000 Indian pilgrims near a revered Hindu temple site in a mountainous area of northern India on Friday, but there were no immediate reports of deaths or injuries, said Amit Chandola, a spokesman for the state government of Uttarakhand.” When the pilgrims saw the landslide happening, they stopped their cars and had to stay in local lodging overnight.

The Times of India reports, “Confirming that the landslide had left a large numbers of pilgrims stranded, Tripti Bhatt, superintendent of police (SP) Chamoli, told TOI, “After the landslide, at least 1,183 pilgrims were stopped in Govindghat, 900 at Joshimath and 450 at Pandukeshwar from moving ahead. They have been accommodated in nearby hotels, lodges, gurdwaras and guest houses. Around 11,000 pilgrims were at Badrinath for darshan at the time of the calamity.”

At about noon, the constable noticed small rocks coming down the hill. If he hadn’t noticed it, then many lives would have been lost in the landslide.

Hindustan Times states, “State police officials said the constable noticed around noon small rocks rolling down the Hathi Parvat, one of the most landslide prone zones, at Vishnuprayag.”

The government was on the spot to help the stranded people. They provided food and water.

Fox News explains, “Authorities rushed food and drinking water to the stranded pilgrims and hoped to clear the debris soon from blocked roads leading to the Badrinath temple so the pilgrims could continue their journey, Chandola said.”

There was so much debris, that those clearing it said that it wouldn’t be drivable until the Saturday night after the landslide happened (Friday).

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