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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – It may come as a surprise to many Christians that we have an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. Not the U.S. Embassy that was relocated to the capital of Israel in 2018. It’s the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, and it has been open for 40 years.

It may come as a surprise to many Christians that we have an embassy to Israel in Jerusalem -the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
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The embassy was opened in 2018 to show the people of Israel that Bible-believing Christians love the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

Establishing the embassy was a visible display to the Lord’s Chosen People that there is a special connection between Jews and Christians. Also, that we recognize the restoration of the State of Israel as a revelation of Jehovah’s faithfulness in keeping His covenant promises.

The original vision of “reaching every segment of Israel’s society with a Christian testimony of comfort and love” remains the ICEJ’s heartbeat today.

The embassy serves as an “active voice of reconciliation” that Paul so often affirmed in his epistles. Someone has said that “words matter, but actions matter more.” Reconciliation is never a one-way street. So, the ICEJ works tirelessly around the world advocating for Israel and confronting anti-Semitism. A significant portion of the ministry is dedicated to supporting Palestinian Christians, African refugees, and others who have been living under the oppression of Islamic terrorism.

Speaking of terrorism, The Christian Post published an article on May 17 relaying a message from ICEJ Vice-President David Parsons. The message is particularly relevant considering the recurrent rocket attacks that disrupted life in southern and central Israel.

The embassy has arranged for the donation and delivery of multiple portable bomb shelters for communities in proximity to the Gaza border. Once again, the embassy is proving by its actions that genuine Christians really do love Israel, the land, and its people.

The bomb shelter donations are not new to the ICEJ. The embassy has been contributing similar shelters to Israeli communities since 2008. The steel-reinforced concrete shelters are provided in conjunction with Operation Lifeshield and are built to strict IDF specifications.

In addition to providing bomb shelters during this present time of crisis, our Christian Embassy in Jerusalem is also providing safety equipment for first responders, fire-fighting trailers, and treatment for people suffering from PTSD.

Visit the ICEJ website for information on how you can help provide for bomb shelters or other aid for our Israeli friends. There, you may also learn more about the work of the embassy during “normal” times.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” (Psalm 122:6)

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