International Day of Prayer for Africa to Feature 24 Hours of Online Intercession

ORLANDO — On the 6th of November 2020, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) will host an International Day of Prayer for Africa. The live-stream event will literally circle the globe with 24-hours of prayer for our brothers and sisters in Africa!

Beginning in Germany at 04:00am EST/10:00am CET, and moving eastward, each CfaN office will take an hour-long shift. The global event will culminate in a special broadcast from CfaN’s Headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The intercession will be organized around six specific prayer topics: Evangelism in Africa, CfaN Great Gospel Campaigns, COVID-19, North Africa, conflict in Africa, and humanitarian crises.

On the 6th of November 2020, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) will host an International Day of Prayer for AfricaCfaN founder, Reinhard Bonnke, first felt a call to evangelize Africa as a young child. He began his work there in 1967 when he and his family relocated from their native home in Germany to the tiny kingdom of Lesotho embedded in the heart of South Africa. From that time until now, CfaN has led nearly 80 million people to faith in Christ, a majority of whom reside in Africa. Over the last 45 years, CfaN’s outreach has grown to a truly global scale, now under the leadership of Daniel Kolenda, who serves as CfaN President and Lead Evangelist, Africa continues to be the main mission of CfaN. As Evangelist Bonnke famously declared, “Africa will be saved!”

However, the Day of Prayer for Africa does more than maintain CfaN’s founding vision – it also advances the prophetic word spoken in the hearts of a new generation of leadership. Specifically, God has placed it in the heart of Evangelist Kolenda that He is going to deliver a Decade of Double Harvest – that is, as many salvations in the next ten years as the organization saw in the previous 40 combined. To that end, the Day of Prayer for Africa recognizes that only God’s power can fulfill God’s plans. The job of any ministry, including CfaN, is to seek His face and ask for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. And November 6th has been set aside for that very purpose.

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About Christ For All Nations

Founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 1974 and now led by Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, Christ for All Nations (CfaN) continues to pioneer mass-evangelism in Africa and beyond and to equip the church to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission. To date, more than 80-million people have chosen to follow Jesus at a CfaN Gospel Outreach Campaign meetings marked by supernatural displays of God’s power to heal bodies, restore lives, and change communities. With offices in countries around the globe. CfaN produces written, musical, and video content that can be found online and seen daily on TV stations around the world.

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